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Trevoli – General Purpose Pump Controller

 L932-B  L921_Contents


This pump controller can control one or two single or three phase pumps and has three different modes which can be changed easily by a switch setting. Each mode allows the controller to be used for different functions.

Mode 1: Used to supply water to a tank using float switches (not supplied) or liquid level sensors (supplied).
Mode 2: Used for pressure boosting using a pressure switch (not supplied) and pressure tank (not supplied).
Mode 3: Used to empty a tank or sump using float switches (not supplied) or liquid level sensors (supplied).

Comes with a remote monitor which allows monitoring and controlling the pump from up to 1200m distance from the controller.


  • Houses
  • Farms
  • Water supply from wells
  • Irrigation of greenhouses, gardens, agriculture
  • Rain water reuse
  • Industrial plants
  • Waste water tank


Rated output power: 0.37-2.2kW (single phase) 0.75-11kW (three phase)
Working temperature: -25℃ -to +55℃
Working humidity: 20% – 90%
Degree of protection: IP54
Install position: Vertical
Unit dimensions: (L x W x H) 30.2cm x 24cm x 12cm
Unit weight: 2.5kg


  • Built In function switch allows the controller to be used for filling tanks, emptying tanks, and pressure boosting.
  • Automatically stops the pump in the case of water shortage, protecting it from dry running without installing float switch or liquid probe in the well.
  • Dynamic LCD displaying pump running state
  • Push Button Calibration
  • Displays Pump Accumulative Running Time
  • Displays Pump Last Five Fault Record
  • RS485 Communication
  • Starts and stops the pump in accordance with the different liquid levels or pressure settings
  • Protects the pump against many faults including:

-Over load
-Transient surge
-Under voltage
-Over voltage
-Pump stalled
-Short circuit

Product Range

Model Phase Number of pumps
Suits Pump Type
Rated Output Switch  type
Submersible Booster kW Level Sensor Float Switch Pressure Switch
L921 1 1 .37 – 2.2
L931 3 1 .75 – 11
L932 3 2 .75 – 11
L922 1 2 .37 – 2.2

LCD Display Screen


Remote Monitor



L921 User Manual


L931 User Manual


L932 User Manual